Down With TPP

30 Aug

Your down with TPP?
Then you know less than me

Trans-Pacific Partnership
A Treaty of Corporate sponsorship

Stripping governments of the power to regulate
Making it illegal for people to protect there States

The treaty doesn’t give a fuck about you
It does care about corporations and lets them sue

Anyone who might affect future profits
So they can steal, pollute, or destroy your shit

Investor/State Dispute Settlements
To protect every fucking corporate investment

And no one can stop them
It uses courts outside of your nation’s system

To ensure corporate victory
Leaving the idea of freedom one for history

This is just one aspect
There are even more horrors, I suspect

The problem is we don’t know much yet
The players are negotiating this one in secret

Of course, the solution is not exactly hidden
The dummies writing the treaty only have the power we give them

So go on-line check your ignorance
Do it quick while we still have a chance

I can’t tell you how to change or destroy it
The most important thing is that we talk about it

Together we all decide
Don’t let your leaders hide

This will definitely cause Worldwide problems
Some so big we’ll have hard time trying to solve them

So go ahead and use your mind
Read up on everything you can find

As usual the way to improve this situation
Is through the liberal and persuasive use of education

Don’t worry we don’t need to be rattled
In the struggle this will be just one more battle

Write your governor or senator
Call your president or prime minister

Tell them not to be such a jerk
Tell them to get their ass’s to work

Tell them, if you’re down with TPP
You sure as fuck don’t represent me!


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