Realize Real Lies

30 Aug

Remember the real lies
Forget to realize

Paradoxical equations
More than mental masturbation

Every lock’s got a flaw
Tis the Universal Law

Your personal key
That’s a secret to me

You’ve got to approach with what you’ve got
Your angels and your demons must throw in lots

Go, go, go, and go and see
You’ll find your personal key

You’ll make the connection
You’ll see there was no separation

You’ll “See the light”
You’re gonna be alright

Mama hugs each child real tight
You’ll finally rest peacefully each night

No more nightmares
Just a feeling that you really do care

For those of a more philosophical bent…
Though not advised, here’s a Devilish hint

Consider it a gift from a mouse
Who looks, curiously, like Faust

Not to be lame
But in this game

Sometimes a pick
Is just the trick

Every lock’s got a flaw
La Dee Dah Dee Dah…


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