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30 Aug

Original Mamasita
Original Gangsta

Con todos mi corazon
You could always turn me on

With blues eyes
Beauty never lies

My dark-haired Sucubus
The future belongs to us

Sleepless nights
Setting shit right

Like me you have the mind, manic
For me you lead the path shamanic

Not always as she seems
Sometimes truly a fairy queen

The soul of butterfly knife
Beautiful wings a gateway of life

Original Gangsta
My lil Mamasita

Angel of Inglewood

30 Aug

She’s the Angel of Inglewood
Teaching me things no one else could

On the West-side of town
With her eyes deep and brown

Taking me places I want to be
Showing me better ways to be me

Teaching me to tolerate myself
Teaching me to go ahead and ask for help

She ever so quietly
Teaching me humility

Showing me my own humanity
Showing me the lies I tell to me

She says I’m not so bad
Thoughts I’ve had were had

They are not me never were
Just had to yell at the wall to know for sure

She is my confessor
A compassion professor

She’s my angel of Inglewood
The girl who showed me my good

Zombie-Killing Device

30 Aug

As a theoretical engineering exercise
I was tasked to design a zombie killing device

Might as well be a resurrection machine
Wrong tool for the right problem, if you know what I mean

A zombie apocalypse is upon us
Their ignorance is simply beyond us

As they go to great pains
To shed our brains

With the karma the bought on TV
Or how much they love their SUV

Relentlessly jawing at your ear
With breath of smoke and stale beer

About that thing they saw in the cinema
Eyes rolled back like they’re a cow getting an enema

Their delusion of reference
Is a delusion in the value of reverence

I hit ’em with the HDT
No, I didn’t drop the V

It’s not a typo
but H D Thoureau

Even with his jaw all clenched up
I can hear him from the grave yelling, “Wake Up!”

So to avoid the attempted cranial depredation
I simply leave the buggers to their quiet desperation

Pharma Joe

30 Aug

He’s some kind of infantry stallion
10 feet-tall and loaded up with Valium
Well-medicated outside the wire
His hand’s steady, never holds the fire

They keep us all well medicated
While our free-will is being appropriated
We’re a pharmaceutical legion
Doped up beyond any kind reason
Just trying to stay numb
As we bake beneath the Iraqi sun

Everyone’s desperate to lose his senses
Eating up any pills that the doc dispenses
With our courage chemical
In our armored assault vehicle
We roll on down that desert road
Heedless to whether or not we explode
Chemically altered
We never really falter
Mindless drones
Like the Emperor’s clones
We take our medication
Practicing combat under sedation
It’s not a bad way to cope
At least if they give you some pretty good dope
I can’t complain
Luckily I’ve got this laser to help me aim

We just gotta hang on
Keep up the pills we’re on
We spend all day eating our nerves
The chemical cocktail that we’re served
When it’s all been done and said
At night when we’re alone in bed
At night when we can’t shut our eyes again
Then they’ll just give us some more Ambien

They keep us all well medicated
While our free-will is being appropriated
We’re a pharmaceutical legion
Doped up beyond any kind reason
Just trying to stay numb
As we bake beneath the Iraqi sun

Rhyming terse

30 Aug

I don’t mean to sound terse
But I just don’t do free verse

Don’t ask me to prove I’m smart
These lines are better played to the heart

The rules have long since been broken
So, adherence to the old-avante-garde seems a bit token

I preach to the masses
Not those who teach English classes

With meter and rhyme
Measured speech, imperfectly timed

I tell the tale of my times
With the names changed to mask our crimes

At the risk of sounding absurd
I stay approachable with the rhyming word

Relying upon my intuition
For my artistic inspiration

Confronting sublimity
Confronted by my own need for humility

Creating an artistic interpretation
Of natural phenomenon taken as my inspiration

A method as old as time
Telling my tales with rhyme

Oddly, I have been called a Romantic
My wife thinks realistically, that’s a point of semantics

She’s probably right.

A tale, perhaps, for another place and time
But, I’ll goddamn-guarantee it’ll be set to rhyme

Born on Third

30 Aug

That boy was born on third
Doesn’t know he’s a lucky turd

He’s a well-placed son
Thinks he hit a home run

When he’s brought home by a line drive
A sacrifice hit by a Latin-American guy

Back sitting with his team the turd talks
About the immigration views he learned on FOX

Down With TPP

30 Aug

Your down with TPP?
Then you know less than me

Trans-Pacific Partnership
A Treaty of Corporate sponsorship

Stripping governments of the power to regulate
Making it illegal for people to protect there States

The treaty doesn’t give a fuck about you
It does care about corporations and lets them sue

Anyone who might affect future profits
So they can steal, pollute, or destroy your shit

Investor/State Dispute Settlements
To protect every fucking corporate investment

And no one can stop them
It uses courts outside of your nation’s system

To ensure corporate victory
Leaving the idea of freedom one for history

This is just one aspect
There are even more horrors, I suspect

The problem is we don’t know much yet
The players are negotiating this one in secret

Of course, the solution is not exactly hidden
The dummies writing the treaty only have the power we give them

So go on-line check your ignorance
Do it quick while we still have a chance

I can’t tell you how to change or destroy it
The most important thing is that we talk about it

Together we all decide
Don’t let your leaders hide

This will definitely cause Worldwide problems
Some so big we’ll have hard time trying to solve them

So go ahead and use your mind
Read up on everything you can find

As usual the way to improve this situation
Is through the liberal and persuasive use of education

Don’t worry we don’t need to be rattled
In the struggle this will be just one more battle

Write your governor or senator
Call your president or prime minister

Tell them not to be such a jerk
Tell them to get their ass’s to work

Tell them, if you’re down with TPP
You sure as fuck don’t represent me!

Heartfelt Optimism

30 Aug

Oh little girl with your heart felt optimism
You really crave that I cover your face with my jism

You’ve been to school for a year or two
And your going to give us a perspective that so brand new

This shit has gone on for centuries
50 years ago you were the hippies

Soon you’ll get old
Your heart will get cold

You’ll want provide for children
You’ll consider things with stock options

Then of course will be the commute
And the sweat-shop made, mall-bought pants-suit

Soon your not really going to care
About things like justice and clean air

What’s more
You don’t know anything about war

To you it’s a mystery

You do have a lot of heartfelt emotion
But that’s like jerking off with lotion

You might like the way it feels
But that just doesn’t make it real

So little one, so bright and so optimistic
If you think I’m lucky to do this, go eat a dick

Realize Real Lies

30 Aug

Remember the real lies
Forget to realize

Paradoxical equations
More than mental masturbation

Every lock’s got a flaw
Tis the Universal Law

Your personal key
That’s a secret to me

You’ve got to approach with what you’ve got
Your angels and your demons must throw in lots

Go, go, go, and go and see
You’ll find your personal key

You’ll make the connection
You’ll see there was no separation

You’ll “See the light”
You’re gonna be alright

Mama hugs each child real tight
You’ll finally rest peacefully each night

No more nightmares
Just a feeling that you really do care

For those of a more philosophical bent…
Though not advised, here’s a Devilish hint

Consider it a gift from a mouse
Who looks, curiously, like Faust

Not to be lame
But in this game

Sometimes a pick
Is just the trick

Every lock’s got a flaw
La Dee Dah Dee Dah…

Insane Ideas

30 Aug

I have always had a thousand good ideas a day
I thought everyone did, now I learn that this is not the way

Some folks think I’m crazy
Everyone seems to like to call me lazy

What they assume is mere sedation
Might be better described as meditation

Not to to toot my own horn
But I’ve been doing since I was born

I never asked anyone to do a fucking thing
Yet, they expect me to write a new song for them to sing

I don’t know what to do
This is why I never ask anything of you

I don’t know what you need from me
I know that I just want to be free

Free of this insanity
Free of these dregs of humanity

Nothing seems real
It’s all gotten quite surreal

When the fed who has, for some time, had you under surveil
Shows you the Sooby they got him because you are hard to tail

Oh, and just for fun
He winks when he tells you where he keeps the guns

I can never tell if it is a really a threat
Or if he is trying to tell me I haven’t got mine yet

You will hear me say this again and again
But I am abso–fucking–lutely insane…