01 Sep

Visual hallucinations
Reduced emotional expression

An inability to recognize what’s real
That’s the actual deal

Episodes of schizophrenia
Followed by periods of dysphoria

Throw in Dissociative Disorder
It sounds like a team who’ll lose in the first quarter

To some, truth is stranger than fiction
To others, sanity is just a minor restriction

Guys like me and Mad Murdock
Never paid much attention to clocks

Every mission
Needs a nut, free of apprehensions

Or a decoy
Good job for crazy white boys

Yes, I’m a crazy motherfucker
But, I don’t care about that, sir

Some folks blame self-medication
Others say it’s all of the infernal meditation

I’m just going to turn up this musical inspiration
I’m still confident that risk isn’t an auditory hallucination


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