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Dirty Old Box

14 Nov

Dirty old box.
Covered by times dust.
It sits in the corner of the room
That life forgot.

To open it up
May overwhelm the soul
With memories that died
So long ago.

Oily scent of leather.
An album that holds the secrets.
It says they’re still here.

Time to let the ghosts out.
Set the restless ones free.
Time to remember.

Sweet nostalgia of 70’s past
Help me close my eyes

And take me back.

-Tanya Powell

Sometimes I Hear Them

14 Nov

Sometimes I hear them,
In the middle of the night.
I turn on the lights.
I walk down a hallway
They’ve never been in.
Their voices have faded.
They never lived here.
They must have followed me.

I only see them in my dreams.
Can they ever see me?
If they can are they proud?
Do they know how happy I am
Without them?
Do they know why I feel so free?
Do they know how much I miss them?

I want them to know,
That the sun has found its way
Into my life.
I can walk outside
And not be afraid
Of the dark cloud that hung over our home.

Now I see a bright light.
Three beautiful rays of
Hope…happiness.. and love,
Make their way through the trees.
They touch the flowers.
They kiss the grass.
They have found a lost soul at last.

I feel the warmth on my face.
Along with a smile
That I thought had died.
I close my eyes and realize.
The rays are the spirits
Of the ones who left me.

They had died without saying goodbye.
I wondered where they were.
They’ve been here the whole time.
Giving me the sunshine
They were unable to give before.

I can see the blue skies.
So clear…so beautiful.
They took away the clouds.
They did all that for me.
Because at one time…

I was their sunshine.


-Tanya Powell

Sweet Candy

14 Nov

Born too soon
But never too late.
Fighting and screaming.
A miracle was made.

Strawberries and vanilla.
Swallowed up by a crib.
Blue eyes that light the sky.
A scared and delicate soul.

A two pound baby
That the angels want to hold.
They wanted her from the beginning.
Over the years they let her know.

Every day was a struggle.
A moment of peace between tears.
I’d hold her hand.
She’d close her eyes.
I’d give her a kiss.
She’d try to smile.

They would tug at her heart strings.
I held her as long as I could.
She’s mine!
She doesn’t belong to you!

Bring back her sight.
Bring back her mind.
Bring back her health.
Bring back her life.
Bring her back to me.
To let us live the way
It was meant to be.

Today I can only see her face.
In the tiny little frame.
That sits on top of the piano.
Wanting to come out to sit and play.

Yesterday she sat there.
Pounding notes that screamed
She was alive.
Tomorrow the notes will be silent.
We won’t hear music anymore.

But when the sun goes down
And it starts to rain.
I’ll sit on the piano bench
And she will be there.

My mother Candy….

As sweet as her name.


-Tanya Powell

September Blitz

14 Nov

It was a September Blitz
and with tears in our eyes and ash on our tongue
we watched our world and our innocence,
burn in the shrapnel
Yeah a September Blitz
and for those who remember,
the sound and the thunder
we stayed changed,
frozen in a moment burned in flame
For those who hoped we would learn
that day never came and we watched it destroyed in the spiral of a plane
A September Blitz
a day of courage twisted to serve
a catalyst used for marching
not change, not unity
A September Blitz
a spreading fire of hate and mistrust
of tears and fear
But the young remember
the sound and the thunder
and with ash on our tongues
we strive to remember,
the flames and the fear
but also the hope,
the unending hope
rising from the smoke

C. Serret

Love Feels Like A Map I’ve Never Read Before

14 Nov

Tracing maps on your skin,

breathing you in

I count my stars

that I’ve found you

Tracing maps on your skin,

breathing you in

I count the ways I love you

Cliched or not,

I can’t escape this feeling

of destiny,

this feeling of instant sunshine

when I hold your smile with both hands

Tracing maps on your skin,

breathing you in

I don’t want to escape the feeling,

that you might stay

-C. Serret

I Want To Feel Free Again

14 Nov

I want to feel free again

Learn how to breathe again

so I’m back at this memory

running the car to nowhere

with the wind in our hair

We have nothing left to share

except to keep moving

with or without each other

live or die

But babe let’s keep moving

striving, reaching

So gun the car

let’s keep moving

bring us forward

no matter what’s ahead

We’ve got each other

even if we can’t believe it


-C. Serret

Do you hear the crickets yet?

14 Nov

Do you hear the crickets yet?
I long to hear their song.
They let me know
When it’s time to dream.
To forget the day.
To remember yesterday.

Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet
And I don’t want it to.
Glued to the rocker
On my front porch.
Gazing across the yard.
Oh what beautiful ivy,
It’s seen alot.
The air so still.
The branches don’t move.
Neighbors so quiet,
Are they still there?

Just me alone.
So much better this way.
The clock may have stopped
For the crickets and me.
Now is the time
To numb the pain
Of a bankrupt life
That was filled with
Disillusion and lies.

Tried to be invisible
But those skeletons
Always lured me toward the light
Where they all could see me
Trembling with fury
After the salt dried on my cheeks.
No more
No more.
On this July evening

There will be a fleeting hush
To the nightmare I endured
When the crickets hypnotize me
And put me in a merciless sleep
With their lullaby.

-Tanya Powell

Shadows and Heartbeats

14 Nov
Hold me close a little longer

Make these shadows seem a little warmer

You don’t care, never did

but let me pretend you do

So hold me close a little longer,

make me believe there’s more to life

than shadows and heartbeats

Let it seem like your heart can beat for me

Help me believe there’s more to life,

than shadows and heartbeats

-C. Serrett

In the Last Gasp of Daylight

14 Nov

In the last gasp of daylight yer there

With yr daughter in your hand

Playin at the bruised-apple park until dark.

Ya jump in yr minvan and ball that jack