Stephen Handlin

  • Pure Goddess
    Black stiletto, fishnet hotness
    Bitch slapped me upside the head when I met her
    Gave me some flyers so I wouldn’t forget her
    Said my ideas about war were a non-starter
    Said I should stand for the […]

  • In the heart of the city grows
    The heart of its citizens, the Iron Rose

    Angry at the World’s problems
    Angry at those who won’t help to solve them

    Saving the weak
    Standing for the meek

    Nightly defying […]

  • It’s cold and rainy up in this storm
    The memory of her eyes is keeping me warm

    Eyes burning like coals
    Leaving beautiful scars across the soul

    Scars like a holy vision
    Of this lady Madonna slash lowly […]

  • I did what I could
    No worries of bad or good

    To a few it was enough
    To many it’s just confusing stuff

    I preferred to ride in the front of the column
    I would have done it everyday for all of them
    (We were […]

  • Run, Rabbit run

    His wheels are always spinning
    Writing philosophical underpinning
    For farcical lack of #winning

    He blames Cowardice
    For a life, never noticeably victorious
    Ignoring his own arrogance and […]

  • The Rabbit goes where none can follow
    Holes so deep that lesser men are whole swallowed

    Even mid-day, out in the open,
    He’ll make an exit before his name can be spoken

    Through the nights traveling below […]

  • Go
    Go ‘cause someone told you so
    Go ‘cause it’s what you know
    Go ‘cause it’s all you know
    Go further

  • Drive

    Drive to get somewhere
    Drive to get away from there

    Driving to control destiny
    Driving to flee responsibility

    Driven by poetic madness
    Driven by melancholic sadness

    Drive, deliberately seeking […]

  • To look at me you’d never guess
    My brain is gone, I’m a mess

    I walk around and look alive
    Some days I even get in my van and drive

    I got the cracks in the skull
    I got my mind humming on NULL

    The […]

  • Replacing people
    As though each were equal

    I had friends and I had a wife
    Somethings end but I go on with life

    Finding all of these new places
    Trading old memories for new faces

    A little bit of it […]

  • Missing someone
    Ain’t no fun

    Having someone to miss
    Well, that’s perfect bliss

  • Be compassionate
    That is the whole of it

  • Dedicated to Max, “And so it goes…”

    I read “Slaughterhouse Five” in college
    I didn’t understand it’s hidden knowledge

    Looking back on my life I see
    Much of it is shrouded from me

    I jump from here to […]

  • Hi there hippo-criticizer
    You Hippopotamidae analyzer

    So quick to judge an herbivore
    Acting like it’s nothing you’ve done before

    Floating in a river
    You judgment giver

    You don’t like his beady […]

  • We’re a couple of too old young men
    Who keep going back, again and again

    Calling each other on the phone
    Time’s passed, neither leave it alone

    Caught in dark delusions
    Fears fed by nightmarish […]

  • Salmon are born in lakes high in the mountains.

    They stay tiny.

    For a long time.

    Then one day, one of them starts to

    feel the pull of a stream.

    He wiggles a little bit.

    He gets caught up in a […]

  • Can’t change what happened back then
    But what we’ve got now can last ’til the end

    It’s not about who will lose or who will win
    It’s not about trying to be friends

    It wasn’t about how you look
    Or about me […]

  • Through lies and trickery
    Some kinda Satanic Witchery

    She hid my honor and dignity
    She waited and hunted just for me

    The eye of the tigress
    Possessed by this Sorceress

    I was lost and found again
    I […]

  • What to say about something that I don’t understand?
    I have been raised with preconceptions of what it is to be a man

    Now everything has been inverted
    More even than my soul was perverted

    She’s not on my […]

  • Can’t think straight
    Can’t motivate
    I sit and wait

    I stare into an abyss
    Wondering, how I did this

    It was really true
    Did she feel it too?

    I wonder why
    I can’t even try

    I don’t eat
    My fear we’ll […]

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