• The Way is the Way
    It’s not a game to play
    Walk your path
    Enjoy your wrath
    As a part of the wholeness
    Even your vitriol is full of goodness
    I like your irration
    It fills me with compassion
    Here’s a […]

  • Shit, you want to bitch and whine?
    Listen kid, I don’t have the time

    Your future is yours, so make it
    If you don’t like the world then break it

    Don’t act the fool
    Floating like a bobber in a pool

    The […]

  • Dissociation

    Mental Isolation

    Convinced of my insanity

    Having trouble with vanity

    Though the voices be kind

    I’ve definitely lost my mind

    Fighting to get it back

    Five gone two left to […]

  • Visual hallucinations
    Reduced emotional expression

    An inability to recognize what’s real
    That’s the actual deal

    Episodes of schizophrenia
    Followed by periods of dysphoria

    Throw in Dissociative […]

  • We don’t need a revolution
    So much as we need peaceful evolution

    I want to kill all the cops
    I want to make all of the injustice stop

    While seemingly attainable
    Peace through violence isn’t […]

  • That boy was born on third
    Doesn’t know he’s a lucky turd

    He’s a well-placed son
    Thinks he hit a home run

    When he’s brought home by a line drive
    A sacrifice hit by a Latin-American guy

    Back sitting […]

  • Your down with TPP?
    Then you know less than me

    Trans-Pacific Partnership
    A Treaty of Corporate sponsorship

    Stripping governments of the power to regulate
    Making it illegal for people to protect there […]

  • Oh little girl with your heart felt optimism
    You really crave that I cover your face with my jism

    You’ve been to school for a year or two
    And your going to give us a perspective that so brand new

    This shit […]

  • Remember the real lies
    Forget to realize

    Paradoxical equations
    More than mental masturbation

    Every lock’s got a flaw
    Tis the Universal Law

    Your personal key
    That’s a secret to me

    You’ve got to […]

  • I have always had a thousand good ideas a day
    I thought everyone did, now I learn that this is not the way

    Some folks think I’m crazy
    Everyone seems to like to call me lazy

    What they assume is mere […]

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