Do you hear the crickets yet?

14 Nov

Do you hear the crickets yet?
I long to hear their song.
They let me know
When it’s time to dream.
To forget the day.
To remember yesterday.

Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet
And I don’t want it to.
Glued to the rocker
On my front porch.
Gazing across the yard.
Oh what beautiful ivy,
It’s seen alot.
The air so still.
The branches don’t move.
Neighbors so quiet,
Are they still there?

Just me alone.
So much better this way.
The clock may have stopped
For the crickets and me.
Now is the time
To numb the pain
Of a bankrupt life
That was filled with
Disillusion and lies.

Tried to be invisible
But those skeletons
Always lured me toward the light
Where they all could see me
Trembling with fury
After the salt dried on my cheeks.
No more
No more.
On this July evening

There will be a fleeting hush
To the nightmare I endured
When the crickets hypnotize me
And put me in a merciless sleep
With their lullaby.

-Tanya Powell


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