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Missing Someone

30 Jan

Missing someone
Ain’t no fun

Having someone to miss
Well, that’s perfect bliss

The Whole Of It

13 Jan

Be compassionate
That is the whole of it

Games You Play

13 Jan

The Way is the Way
It’s not a game to play
Walk your path
Enjoy your wrath
As a part of the wholeness
Even your vitriol is full of goodness
I like your irration
It fills me with compassion
Here’s a tip
Don’t assume I’m on your trip
I never asked to be anyone’s opportunity
Terribly sorry you are unable to get what you want from me
You don’t need a leader for your group
You need to find a drunkard and give him some soup
And when you fuck me please use some really good lube…
I may not be the droid you seek,
But even I can turn another cheek

A Tip

12 Dec

Shit, you want to bitch and whine?
Listen kid, I don’t have the time

Your future is yours, so make it
If you don’t like the world then break it

Don’t act the fool
Floating like a bobber in a pool

The country is under occupation
It has been years in anticipation

Times being as they may
People with something to say
Getting doused in pepper spray

Police trampling people’s rights
Rousting campers from their beds at night
People crushed beneath government’s might

There’s something about flies and honey
I don’t mention it now just be funny

Remember things aren’t always as they seem
But, some things may gotten with ease
If one knows The Way to practice peace

So, if you’re feeling like heading to war
I can’t really tell you what you’ve got in store

But, if want feel hip
Listen to this here tip

If you try, I think you’ll find
It doesn’t always hurt to be kind


12 Dec

Etched into the throne of the most high
Each new beginning shall have no goodbye


Upon the shores near which dynamite seethes
An impression of you in which Eternity Breathes

and the regard with which you embrace your common man
Would be obsolete if it were up To time to stand.

Whose to say what we’ve become
A race of trials over Bachelors of tribulation begun

Seed the wisdom of ferocious vision Unity Strength peace love


21 Oct


Mental Isolation

Convinced of my insanity

Having trouble with vanity

Though the voices be kind

I’ve definitely lost my mind

Fighting to get it back

Five gone two left to attack

Using wit and guile

And my own secret smile

With a bit too much pride

I write my name on the side

Tell them exactly what I’ll do

It works each time, this shit ain’t new

So it goes with my personal exorcism

I embrace this mental and spiritual schism

Me and them both

We were all do for some personal growth

Growth through isolation

Growth through dissociation


So It Goes

01 Sep

Dedicated to Max, “And so it goes…”

I read “Slaughterhouse Five” in college
I didn’t understand it’s hidden knowledge

Looking back on my life I see
Much of it is shrouded from me

I jump from here to here
Slipping, silently, from year to year

There and back again
Feeling every pleasure and every pain

A prisoner of my own brain
My memories fodder for my soul to drain

Like a suicidal soul vampire
I am my own self-immolation pyre

Alone inside of me
I just cannot let it be

In my selfish sadism
I built my own prison

With halls of horror
Tools of mental torture

Caught in the infinite sadness
Taught to the soul by the eternal madness

Like the garden viper
Who spoke with a whisper

That boomed like a couple 155 Mike-Mike shells
Rigged with ball-bearings and a cel-phone trigger to blow you to hell

I read “Slaughterhouse Five” in college
I didn’t understand it’s hidden knowledge


01 Sep

Visual hallucinations
Reduced emotional expression

An inability to recognize what’s real
That’s the actual deal

Episodes of schizophrenia
Followed by periods of dysphoria

Throw in Dissociative Disorder
It sounds like a team who’ll lose in the first quarter

To some, truth is stranger than fiction
To others, sanity is just a minor restriction

Guys like me and Mad Murdock
Never paid much attention to clocks

Every mission
Needs a nut, free of apprehensions

Or a decoy
Good job for crazy white boys

Yes, I’m a crazy motherfucker
But, I don’t care about that, sir

Some folks blame self-medication
Others say it’s all of the infernal meditation

I’m just going to turn up this musical inspiration
I’m still confident that risk isn’t an auditory hallucination


31 Aug

Hi there hippo-criticizer
You Hippopotamidae analyzer

So quick to judge an herbivore
Acting like it’s nothing you’ve done before

Floating in a river
You judgment giver

You don’t like his beady eyes
You think it means he only lies

You assume those tiny ears
Are hiding some kind of secret fears

You assume his fat ass
Means he has zero class

Because when he looks at you
He thinks, “I don’t know, might be true…

Smoke my weed.”

A Plan

31 Aug

We don’t need a revolution
So much as we need peaceful evolution

I want to kill all the cops
I want to make all of the injustice stop

While seemingly attainable
Peace through violence isn’t sustainable

Not to find fault
But any sharp start or halt

Due to laws of inertia
That when ignored come back to hurt ya

Will cause a lot of political drama
Which in turn leads to terrific mass traumas

I loved to watch them win in Cairo
I cried when the Army took it all back though

Overthrowing the powers of a nation
Isn’t as sustainable as prolonged non-cooperation

Let the governments do
Just don’t let them do to you

They can only take what they can give
If you are a clever monkey you can find a way to live

I prefer to be tricky
For some, my methods might seem a bit icky

That’s cool, there are lots of ways
To live outside of control while living out your days

If you’ve got the means and can’t wait
You’re lucky, just expatriate

Look around and see
Somewhere out there is a place to be

I won’t say exactly what to to do
I’ll leave the particulars up to you

Probably, though, you aren’t rich
Obviously you don’t want to be the State’s bitch

For you, my friend, there is still much hope
For it is you who will give the government it’s rope

You don’t have to steal and rob
To avoid a government feeding, soul-eating, job

You might have to give up some luxury
But no one said being change was easy

There are too many ways too feed yourself minimally
I wouldn’t ask you to figure out for me

This doesn’t mean we get to relax
No, the mission is to deprive the Man of his tax

Not to sound like too much of a geek
But I’m talkin’ about turning the World Greek

It’s really terribly funny
These State’s run on fiat money

All the taxes they took
Those were just numbers in a book

The people kept safe from harm
The workers kept like animals on a farm

This is no joke
If you want to cast off the yoke

We do need to take care of one another
We must treat each other like brothers

Just like the nun in the soup kitchen
Even a fed’s gotta feed all of his children

I know life ain’t free
This is why we have underground economies

I used to reccomend barter
But online, it’s a bit harder

Today we’ve got Bitcoin, so…
Currency can’t be taxed when it’s crypto

Sure, it’s all fake
But it keeps the revenuer from getting his take

This my friend
Is the goal in the end

The sheriff was got by the Hood
Robbin’ the coperatin’ capital is good

If you want defeat Whitey and the Man
This my dear friend would be a good plan

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