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Against the hall.

16 Apr

Against the hall.

Her body stood out as a black shadow.
Faces the dark hourglass.
With all options open
But so indecisive

Time is the light that has come to expose her
To this World of Spectators.

And she continues to dance
What’s that word…Prance
As “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer”
Does in the snow. On all those cartoons she watches,

Around Christmas Time.
Too big for the shoes in which she feels comfortable
Too much to do with so little time


As time shines at her back
all she sees is her own shadow

A Strange Event!

16 Apr

Enjoy this freedom.
Nearly innocent, out to benefit
free from accusation
until of course synchronicity occurs

A Strange Event!

That such a thing as this would happen.
Identical item shows up from different sources all in the same city.
And that lady, that lady sure has a story.

But this item never worn on her husbands’ feet.
This item never stolen from a mortuary.
This item is clean

clean, polished leather barely ever
worn, cept’ fo social gatherins’

And now.
These boots will be sold
for those who wish to be free and innocent

Into godspeed, gone they go
Into their dreams, before they’re sold.

Beyond The Garden Gate

16 Apr


You closed the gate to your garden.

Where I used to play when it rained.

Over the years you let things die.

I’ll never see your flowers again.

The sunflowers don’t smile.

The ivy lies flat.

The grass has turned brown.

The weeds own the land.

Nothing can be saved.

You don’t care that it’s a grave.

Death hovers over the backyard.

Like the maple trees did.

Birds are too afraid to fly over.

A safe haven it no longer is.

You could bring it back to life.

But you won’t take the time.

You have better things to do.

You’d rather bitch and moan and whine.

Stop yelling at me and tend to your garden.

I’m all black and blue.

But the daisies don’t feel it.

You and the roses share one little trait.

Your tongue is so sharp,

It spits blood in my face.

You’re too ashamed for people to see it.

Everyone hates you anyway.

Why would they come to your front door?

You would just send them away.

If the garden was mine,

A miracle would take place.

I’d breathe life into it.

I’d put a smile on its face.

The grass would be greener

Than the ocean floor.

The pansies would laugh.

The air would smell good.

I’d open up the garden gate.

I’d dance in the rain.

Like all children should…..