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Iron Rose

18 Mar

In the heart of the city grows
The heart of its citizens, the Iron Rose

Angry at the World’s problems
Angry at those who won’t help to solve them

Saving the weak
Standing for the meek

Nightly defying the police
Her commitment doesn’t cease

The crimson blood on her dark thorns
Dripping like the blood from the bulls horn

Beauty and strength
She holds at great lengths

Bringing Justice
For each and all of us

An Iron example of the modern heroine
The kind to lead us from the mess we’re in

To her, our love and support goes
To our champion the beautiful, Iron Rose


18 Mar

It’s cold and rainy up in this storm
The memory of her eyes is keeping me warm

Eyes burning like coals
Leaving beautiful scars across the soul

Scars like a holy vision
Of this lady Madonna slash lowly vixen

Who, with the grace and strength of a lioness
Brought me to my knees with her gentle caress

Now, out in this storm, cold and alone
My pain, my comfort, my memory of Simone

Mea Culpa

02 Mar

I did what I could
No worries of bad or good

To a few it was enough
To many it’s just confusing stuff

I preferred to ride in the front of the column
I would have done it everyday for all of them
(We were a good bunch of bums…)

I wasn’t trying to be heroic
Rather, trying to appear stoic

Like ole Socrates
Who died with a mea culpa plea