My Space

25 Feb

You cannot give what has already been taken
If you thought my space was yours then you have been mistaken

You can read my shitty rhymes
But you have no claim to my time

You can live your life with your dread
And the space in between the lines that you read

I won’t lie to you
The underlying sentiment was true

During our late-night conversations
Your explanations of paternalistic ideations

I saw you could nurture
I saw you having a great future

I smiled right into your eyes
My silence bordering on lies

I failed to mention
Crazy shit about apocalyptic visions

Probably insanity
Possibly subconscious vanity

I was hiding from a different reality
One that would have overtaken us eventually

You might have stayed by my side
But I couldn’t possibly invite anyone along for this ride

Like Dante’s ride through the inferno
It’s one-way ride through the whole show

I no longer see tomorrow
Yet, I know, be it madness and sorrow

Or a return of my vision
It appears this is a solo mission

So, my dear Ms. Not-To-Be
I think you can very clearly see

My exit probably didn’t matter
As I am likely madder than the Hatter

So with tongue firmly in the cheek on my face
I would like to thank you for giving me my space


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