Sometimes I Hear Them

14 Nov

Sometimes I hear them,
In the middle of the night.
I turn on the lights.
I walk down a hallway
They’ve never been in.
Their voices have faded.
They never lived here.
They must have followed me.

I only see them in my dreams.
Can they ever see me?
If they can are they proud?
Do they know how happy I am
Without them?
Do they know why I feel so free?
Do they know how much I miss them?

I want them to know,
That the sun has found its way
Into my life.
I can walk outside
And not be afraid
Of the dark cloud that hung over our home.

Now I see a bright light.
Three beautiful rays of
Hope…happiness.. and love,
Make their way through the trees.
They touch the flowers.
They kiss the grass.
They have found a lost soul at last.

I feel the warmth on my face.
Along with a smile
That I thought had died.
I close my eyes and realize.
The rays are the spirits
Of the ones who left me.

They had died without saying goodbye.
I wondered where they were.
They’ve been here the whole time.
Giving me the sunshine
They were unable to give before.

I can see the blue skies.
So clear…so beautiful.
They took away the clouds.
They did all that for me.
Because at one time…

I was their sunshine.


-Tanya Powell


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