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Guanyin On The Wire

09 Jan

She’s Guanyin on the wire
The cosmic twin to my soul fire

Through twists of fate
And my consistent love and hate

She keeps my life running
She keeps me sweetBunning

I’ve always said and never recanted
It’s the one we need the most we take for granted

Hard to say why, probably because we can
It’s easy to forget when you are one another’s Stan

I may have accidentally set the World on fire
But I’m nothing without Guanyin on the wire

I’ve Never Gotten Over You

29 Sep

I’m glad your back but scared you’ll leave again
I’m mad that I lack the will to smile through the pain
You keep coming back from the dead
I’m still sorry for all I did and said
For all that I didn’t do
For all the ways that I hurt you
I’m not mad,
Just a little heartbroken and sad
Maybe it’s too soon
Baby you rip the stitches from the wounds
Every time you go
And I just don’t know
Whether you’re alive or dead
Or if it’s something I said
But then suddenly again without warning
I have to put on the black of mourning
I don’t mean to be rotten or rude
But I’ve never gotten over you

Against the hall.

16 Apr

Against the hall.

Her body stood out as a black shadow.
Faces the dark hourglass.
With all options open
But so indecisive

Time is the light that has come to expose her
To this World of Spectators.

And she continues to dance
What’s that word…Prance
As “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer”
Does in the snow. On all those cartoons she watches,

Around Christmas Time.
Too big for the shoes in which she feels comfortable
Too much to do with so little time


As time shines at her back
all she sees is her own shadow