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Step Back

30 Jun

Come with me as I step back in time
To a place I remember, in the recesses of my mind

When I was a child, I loved to perform
On stage I was safe, the world’s heart warm

Then one day I fell from a van
Then one day I became a man

Found I had it in me to fight
To hunt down the wrong and protect the right

Today I write this feeling quite old
I’ve learned that the world is heartless and cold

Then I knew god and I as one
Now I know my god is a gun

Time to return
Time to relearn

Step back 13 years
Step back from my fears

Look myself in the face
See if any of me is left, just a trace

So I can share my love
Freely, like heaven above

Return to the one
Relearn to feel the fun
Step back from the almighty gun