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21 Oct


Mental Isolation

Convinced of my insanity

Having trouble with vanity

Though the voices be kind

I’ve definitely lost my mind

Fighting to get it back

Five gone two left to attack

Using wit and guile

And my own secret smile

With a bit too much pride

I write my name on the side

Tell them exactly what I’ll do

It works each time, this shit ain’t new

So it goes with my personal exorcism

I embrace this mental and spiritual schism

Me and them both

We were all do for some personal growth

Growth through isolation

Growth through dissociation


I Stole the Lizard’s Diamond

21 Oct

I stole the lizard’s diamond

He held it tight like his own hymen

The greatest of thieves

Bats  calls me “Jeeves”

I took what can only be given

I took it with trickery, deceit and diversion

I snuck up on a monk

And rifled his trunk

Took the philosopher’s stone

The old alchemist’s favorite bone

Or on Simon’s Street

The Diamonds from the soles of his feet

Don’t know what to do with this boon

I already up and swallowed the moon

They call it a Sutra

I think the word basket, would suit ya’

The lizard’s secret force

Is about to go open source

Without the constraint of a guru vow

I can give away all of his voodoo now

I stole the lizard’s diamond

Now the rest of ya’ll can have ’em