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31 Aug

Hi there hippo-criticizer
You Hippopotamidae analyzer

So quick to judge an herbivore
Acting like it’s nothing you’ve done before

Floating in a river
You judgment giver

You don’t like his beady eyes
You think it means he only lies

You assume those tiny ears
Are hiding some kind of secret fears

You assume his fat ass
Means he has zero class

Because when he looks at you
He thinks, “I don’t know, might be true…

Smoke my weed.”

A Plan

31 Aug

We don’t need a revolution
So much as we need peaceful evolution

I want to kill all the cops
I want to make all of the injustice stop

While seemingly attainable
Peace through violence isn’t sustainable

Not to find fault
But any sharp start or halt

Due to laws of inertia
That when ignored come back to hurt ya

Will cause a lot of political drama
Which in turn leads to terrific mass traumas

I loved to watch them win in Cairo
I cried when the Army took it all back though

Overthrowing the powers of a nation
Isn’t as sustainable as prolonged non-cooperation

Let the governments do
Just don’t let them do to you

They can only take what they can give
If you are a clever monkey you can find a way to live

I prefer to be tricky
For some, my methods might seem a bit icky

That’s cool, there are lots of ways
To live outside of control while living out your days

If you’ve got the means and can’t wait
You’re lucky, just expatriate

Look around and see
Somewhere out there is a place to be

I won’t say exactly what to to do
I’ll leave the particulars up to you

Probably, though, you aren’t rich
Obviously you don’t want to be the State’s bitch

For you, my friend, there is still much hope
For it is you who will give the government it’s rope

You don’t have to steal and rob
To avoid a government feeding, soul-eating, job

You might have to give up some luxury
But no one said being change was easy

There are too many ways too feed yourself minimally
I wouldn’t ask you to figure out for me

This doesn’t mean we get to relax
No, the mission is to deprive the Man of his tax

Not to sound like too much of a geek
But I’m talkin’ about turning the World Greek

It’s really terribly funny
These State’s run on fiat money

All the taxes they took
Those were just numbers in a book

The people kept safe from harm
The workers kept like animals on a farm

This is no joke
If you want to cast off the yoke

We do need to take care of one another
We must treat each other like brothers

Just like the nun in the soup kitchen
Even a fed’s gotta feed all of his children

I know life ain’t free
This is why we have underground economies

I used to reccomend barter
But online, it’s a bit harder

Today we’ve got Bitcoin, so…
Currency can’t be taxed when it’s crypto

Sure, it’s all fake
But it keeps the revenuer from getting his take

This my friend
Is the goal in the end

The sheriff was got by the Hood
Robbin’ the coperatin’ capital is good

If you want defeat Whitey and the Man
This my dear friend would be a good plan

Too Old Young Men

30 Aug

We’re a couple of too old young men
Who keep going back, again and again

Calling each other on the phone
Time’s passed, neither leave it alone

Caught in dark delusions
Fears fed by nightmarish illusions

Our memories explode
Upon those desert roads

Telephonic recollections
Disharmonic introspections

Our Hysterical ramblings
On the historical trampling

Of an Arab nation
In an empirical aggregation,

Of power and petroleum
And a dream that we sold ’em

With the butt of a gun
‘Neath their hot desert sun

Just a couple of too old young men
Who keep going back, again and again

Salmon Spawn

30 Aug

Salmon are born in lakes high in the mountains.

They stay tiny.

For a long time.

Then one day, one of them starts to

feel the pull of a stream.

He wiggles a little bit.

He gets caught up in a crazy feeling that

he’s never experienced, but he knows.

This is the Way!

Next it’s one more, others see her go and the

next thing you know the whole school has

started out on the long trip to the Ocean.
The trip to meet their destiny.

The story goes on from there,

but it’s always the same.


30 Aug

Can’t change what happened back then
But what we’ve got now can last ’til the end

It’s not about who will lose or who will win
It’s not about trying to be friends

It wasn’t about how you look
Or about me and the hub caps I took

We were talking about the wrong things
Like those who believe rich is gold and diamond rings

We were who they told us the other wanted
These were lies from a society that’s been haunted

Haunted by a liar
Listening to only desire

Ignoring natural truth
Playing to illusions of the youth

We talked right by each other
Not taking the time or bother

To look at our lives and say
Let’s look beyond today

Learn a deeper appreciation
Of each other’s natural inclinations

To move towards the natural life
Just be a husband and wife

Stop trying to impress
To get the other to simply undress

Now we see the hows and whys
We see the truths and lies

We know why are with each other
We know why we spend eternity together


30 Aug

Through lies and trickery
Some kinda Satanic Witchery

She hid my honor and dignity
She waited and hunted just for me

The eye of the tigress
Possessed by this Sorceress

I was lost and found again
I surrendered so I could win

Told her it was an Iwo Jima strategy
She coldly laughed at me

Oh what is this, perchance
Has the Fool shown his ignorance?

Jap’s did invite them in
But, the US finally did win

Silently my soul waited
As the gears in her’s contemplated

I knew if she built this on lies
She had no good reason to destroy the prize

My death, I said, would be an honor
My lack of concern deeply disturbed her

See, God appreciates professionalism
Even if it involves the ole soul body schism

When you are guaranteed a fortuitous re-birth
It makes it a pleasure for me to leave this here Earth

It’s like I get my own DLC
Special Mods created just for me

I was hoping she’d come through with her threat
I’ve tried to re-spawn for years and haven’t gotten back yet

An honor impossible to properly portray
An honor impossible for me to ever repay

In that moment when I should have felt revulsion
I realized I always respected her even without compulsion

She was a tricky witch
Who just wanted to be my special bitch

Now, I’m confused
I feel deeply used

Now it feels hard for me to trust
Because she felt our bond something to rush

Since, I like to write for all
If you happen to like a morale:

Don’t rush to try to force your fate
The prize comes at times to the one who waits

Trust in inspiration
Life is more about improvisation

Climbing a hill to practice hypnotism and brew potions
Is such a waste when one can simply ride a stream to the Ocean

Remember to keep it simple
Avoid magic, churches, and temples

Live in the light
And you’ll be all right

I think you’ll find God’ll provide what you need
And, if you’re so inclined, prolly a bit of weed…

Holding My Soul

30 Aug

What to say about something that I don’t understand?
I have been raised with preconceptions of what it is to be a man

Now everything has been inverted
More even than my soul was perverted

She’s not on my mind
She’s fucking in my mind!

She’s holding my soul
She reached into my hole

I was hiding from love
Like a Goddess from above

Like a root Guru
Using some kinda Voodoo

Got me under a spell
Her methods I can’t tell

Like an empty jar fresh from a kiln
I didn’t know empty until I had been filled

She is in me now
That’s no metaphor to elicit a “wow”

Touching my every thought and memory
She’s actually cleaning me up like a cloth of emery

Smoothing out the welds
Helping the parts to meld

She’s seen every fear
Tasted every stale beer

Everything I’ve done
Every time I’ve won

Every time I quit
Every time I acted like a shit

Every sin
EVERY sin.
She whispers “Forgiven…”

This the ultimate trust
For me, for her, it is a must

This goes beyond time
Like dirty words in a rhyme

We are part of a one
Two spinning crows seeking eternal union

Energies working on mutual purification
For an eventual transmutation unification

We are here
We are now

Now it is Dark

30 Aug

Can’t think straight
Can’t motivate
I sit and wait

I stare into an abyss
Wondering, how I did this

It was really true
Did she feel it too?

I wonder why
I can’t even try

I don’t eat
My fear we’ll never meet

I hold my pain

Don’t sleep
Occasionally weep

What the fuck?
Used to have the devil’s luck

The life of the Fool
The card who never follows rules

Now I’m a ghost
Desire crippling me the most

Like a rocket car
My ride to the stars
Now it is dark


30 Aug

The Tin Man said I’m wrong
I’m cool and sing a pretty song

But they really did need leaders
Some view me as a bit of a cheater

A bit of a shirker
A really terrible worker

I’m a professional bum
Never tried to lift even a thumb

I mean, what heck?
My main skills involve waiting on checks

To call my personality charming
Would be doing Webster’s a great harming

(“Oy vey,” think Strunk and White
“That sure ain’t soundin’ right…”)

Now that my tongue is mangled
And I wish myself to be strangled

And not in erotic asphyxiation
Nope, not some weird Kung Fu inspiration

Just really tired
Never asked to be stuck in a quagmire

The World’s problems aren’t new
I never really knew what to do

Just how to start
You all have a beautiful heart

The path is long, and the problems large
But you will get there, even if I am not in charge

Mind Blown

30 Aug

Okay write a poem?
Um, I guess my mind is blown

I’m listening to voices
Doing things that aren’t my choices

Now it’s quiet
Okay not worth the riot