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An Acknowledgement

22 Jul

I’ve never known what I’m doin’
Someday it’s bound to bring my ruin

Nobody ever does
I guess it’s true of all of us

All I do is try
A little bit I’ll cry

If your heart’s on your shirt
This shit can fucking hurt

You know it’s true
You feel it too

I know you.

I’ve seen into your souls
I know your hope, your fears, and your goals

Whoever, wherever, WHENEVER you are
We all wear the same fucking scar!

Like a holy placental connection
When you need a Love injection

We have a lot in common
Besides a mutual love for Wars and Bombings

We have a common pain
As vital and life-giving as rain

It’s our connection to each other
Our connection to the Universal Mother

This is where we need to start
An acknowledgment that we each have a heart

An acknowledgement that we each have a part…

owen of Legends

21 Jul

This is my poem to honor the fallen
I feel I must eulogize Dennis “owen” Collins

A few years ago owen and gang
Opened up the net with a bang

They set about an impossible task
To do it safely they all donned a mask

owens dry wit and surly growl
Scathing humor that makes people howl

Was just a covering for his tenderness
The one we all protect with gingerness

Under owen’s Guy’s mask smile
Beneath his crazy Uncle style

There lived a beautiful soul
A spirit built of 100% pure gold

He actually lived with a lot of pain
But he’d never let anyone see the strain

Through the years I hear he did some jobs
He led a couple of pitchfork wielding mobs

A keyboard soldier
Admin title holder

To the end he stood watch on his post
Caring for the server that he loved the most

Relying on his golden soul’s strength
Brother would go to the furthest lengths

To provide aid to strangers
To protect others from dangers

It is all of us that his soul defends
It is to all of us he is “owen of legends”

a special thanks to “acaryatid” for proofreading and correcting my spelling XD

Beautiful Soul

07 Jul

To Diane Louise New
It’s good to be amazed and loved by you

I hear that your brand of compassion
Is soon to become all the fashion

Your love of life
And quickness to relieve strife

These things will soon come into season
I like to think that you are part of the reason

Today on your birthday
I’d really like to say

You were born already at your goal
Always remember you have a beautiful soul