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stuff starts living

18 Aug

Then some stuff starts living

and you can feel the twister, a fire

Manic man it makes me theelL

think and feel like Living

aflaming up swirling all desires asked into the path

and then the twister turns to ash, and then the ash gets rain

and the once ocean tides around and swayls the ash into the low spots of earth

into small nomadsland travelers into daylight caves
and black holes above ground
who knows what lives in there
sometimes nothing
often less
dead unmoving masked

Live again.
Get manic!
It’s a tornado loving ablazin’ rainin’ Blast!


no questions asked

18 Aug

Had a master plan, that wasn’t shit. (oxymoron?)
Had desire, neglected.
Indulged, didn’t enjoy it.
Sought, did not find.

Finding nothing no questions asked.

Ask and recieve.
droll drum
trum trolls trump

Sharing Attention

05 Aug

“Sharing attention. That’s why we poets gather. Poetry is something undervalued in our culture. “perhaps not even considered for value most all the time by most the trend mind)

On this note, the old child continued ringing his chime which had only rhyme in its intrinsic reason.

Start of summer season. And we’re on bikes at tri counties bank checkin’ our stash of mula’, man.
That’s how it goes. Had a master business plan, alright speaking with insurance woman, gonna’ get on to it, move through with it, then crusin’ to the park, got to switch mula’, and then got stoned and didn’t look back.

Have not been back since have not looked again winch. You singing bird between us. “Poetry is life itself, or life itself is poetry ah whatever, or something like that.” This young wisebreaded beardsteady dude, ….lookin’ through ears peeled right back orange peel right, imagine that for a sec.

So I went to where he recites poetry on a certain night, maybe you’ve seen him?
With this in mind he puts me on the stool and I speak about how much I love

His BEARD, “When I grow up, I want a beard just like yours…”

He giggles or (CHUCKLES MORE LIKE IT) and does the mastermind professor claw through it.
See I’ve had enough of this peach fuzz scruff. I need something more. Some new meaning.

If I had a beard like that.
Veiwers would flock from TOOOOOOOwns around.
A celebrity

Just to see the walking’ beard man.

See he got so fed up with his depravity
That he decided to go all out
And grew his beard to the ground

And Lackey’s trailed behind
As crowds gathered round’
And the children bowed
And elders kissed the ground


that’s like dudes with real big trucks right
so deprived of what’ thought tight

So the lackies trailed behind
flower girls with ice cream cones and boys with tin hats
just to serve with honor something so profound

A beard that drags on the ground
And not only the ground

When finished, kneel down

and untangle the clumps of hair from their sneaks.

That is enough, now read.