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The Last Broadcast Cycle

17 Nov
What follows is my first attempt at an interconnected poetry cycle
about a radio DJ contemplating suicide during his station's farewell
broadcast. As per a friend's plea it ends happy. I hope you enjoy it.
- C. Serret
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The Last Broadcast

17 Nov

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Part 1

It’s the last broadcast of a dying year
filled with strife and fear,
bloodshed and tears,
til this moment we’ve denied
what led us here
So we come to the broadcast
proclaiming the obvious
choking the positive
all the while urging the end
But we fail to see
the sweet and the lovely
the moments of calm
that make our moments, our lives

– C. Serret

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Morning Static

17 Nov

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 Part 2
In my sleep I think I hear you speak
but I can't make it out through the sound of breakfast
It's just a half-remembered lullaby you never sung
a distant memory you didn't want a part of
It's morning static
the fading signal of a lost station
the white noise of waking
Morning static
the departure from dreams and the brief stop in wants
but can't have
the moment where I briefly believe
that you cared for me
- C. Serret

Part 3

Turning the Dial

16 Nov

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Part 3
I keep turning the dial
Passing by women like a stuttering station,
only staying long enough to catch their surface impression
Yeah turning the dial, ending the song before it ends me
never pausing, screw regretting
But you got gorgeous eyes and a smile that seems to stick
to me and my heart
and I can't seem to find the knob
So I'm turning with you, pausing in this moment
finding that the world can fit in my arms
finding I want to stay
with you and this feeling
that I don't want or need to turn the dial

-C. Serret