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I’m A Mess

30 Jan

To look at me you’d never guess
My brain is gone, I’m a mess

I walk around and look alive
Some days I even get in my van and drive

I got the cracks in the skull
I got my mind humming on NULL

The uncarved block?
Or simply dumb as a rock

This dreaded woman has gotten inside my head
She gives clues, yet I’m not getting her to bed

I feel like I’m two steps behind
Victim of my damaged and addled mind

I am trying so fucking hard act like a better person
Forget that sometimes it’s better to just be the dude with a hard-on

You can’t wait to be invited to dinner
If you want to be the dirtbag who gets up in ‘er

I’m not saying that to be a jerk
Long lessons have shown me how this works

Show only the least bit respect
Ignore her but treat her like an object

It’s not very pretty
But it’s won a few victories

Now this lil chick is a bit tricky
She’s destroying my mackin’ strategies

I don’t know my left from right
Don’t know the dark from the light

Can’t tell if I’m cursed or blessed
I just know that my damned mind is a mess


30 Jan

Replacing people
As though each were equal

I had friends and I had a wife
Somethings end but I go on with life

Finding all of these new places
Trading old memories for new faces

A little bit of it hurts
I don’t think I have anymore firsts

Me, old and jaded
My mind tired and faded

These new people in my life mid-tour
Some who may, simply, be flavor du jour

I love them as much or more
As everyone who came before

We end up where we need to be
Me with them and them with me

It lasts as long it needs to
Each paying the house its due

Learning from our interactions
Wounded or healed by our actions

It only makes sense
In the end life happens

Good, bad, or indifferent
These folks are the replacements

Missing Someone

30 Jan

Missing someone
Ain’t no fun

Having someone to miss
Well, that’s perfect bliss

The Whole Of It

13 Jan

Be compassionate
That is the whole of it

Games You Play

13 Jan

The Way is the Way
It’s not a game to play
Walk your path
Enjoy your wrath
As a part of the wholeness
Even your vitriol is full of goodness
I like your irration
It fills me with compassion
Here’s a tip
Don’t assume I’m on your trip
I never asked to be anyone’s opportunity
Terribly sorry you are unable to get what you want from me
You don’t need a leader for your group
You need to find a drunkard and give him some soup
And when you fuck me please use some really good lube…
I may not be the droid you seek,
But even I can turn another cheek


13 Jan

“. ? .”
Lao Tsu talking shit again
Said opportunity awaits
At a particular place, seize the day
There Looking out a small high window
Four birds fly away over a rooftop
In front of barren trees
Voices chirping
The birds just left my skull
And took the brain
If I could think perhaps I
Would ascertain a
Migration to better ways
Won’t you return
Birds said nah
We don’t like the way your eyes flutter when
Our feathers roll
What is the opportunity?
Lao Tsu? Uh huh.
Eight birds soar They have no deliveries
Except air ‘neath their wings
Which is only nothing when
We cease to breathe
Lao Tsu Hear me plead
This is the opportunity?
Golden Wings Nemesis?
Is that it?
Beautiful Dao Fuck you