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One Person To Please

06 Dec

One person to please,
But my, mind is dis-eased,
And I, spend time in others,
when I could, fly, fly, fly

I am a shadow to myself. I need the other

She sees the light in everything around her.
Pedestals are raised.
Banners wave.

But tonight she realizes the truth.
Ideas percolate.
treachery revealed.
Betrayal lurks
She hides her darkness in their light.

we might find reason,
or spin a new perspective,
but still there is no reason,
to take flight,
from our light

–annabelle tatertot

Hurtling head over heel

01 Dec

Hurtling head over heel toward the Earth, a
Meteoroid begins to sizzle and smoke,
While far below in Tuscany, there stands a
Pagan woodcarver near his window,
Staring out into the starlit night.
“I wish I may…
I wish I might
Be blessed with a child by this meteorite.”
He forks the sign of the evil eye at the cold moon,
And knows his wooden Frankenstein will arise soon.


Unknown to all

01 Dec

Unknown to all,
I sit in the hall,
Inside a large grandfather clock.
I am the one who collects your crumbs
Late at night to cook in my wok.