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Run, Rabbit Run

25 Feb

Run, Rabbit run

His wheels are always spinning
Writing philosophical underpinning
For farcical lack of #winning

He blames Cowardice
For a life, never noticeably victorious
Ignoring his own arrogance and avarice

Run, Rabbit run

Runs from me, runs from you
Always thinks he’s runnin’ to something new

New sunrise
New horizon
Trying to leave his life forgotten

Run, Rabbit run

Where the Rabbit Goes

25 Feb

The Rabbit goes where none can follow
Holes so deep that lesser men are whole swallowed

Even mid-day, out in the open,
He’ll make an exit before his name can be spoken

Through the nights traveling below the conscious
He may be peeping on the dreams of each and or all of us

He will give you no magic cake
He offers no red nor blue pill to take

Look for doors and crossroads
Avoid: gurus, masters, or magic toads

In the space between wake and sleep
Just time it right and then left you’ll creep

You can fucking trip balls
Walk in a world without walls

This is where the Rabbit goes
These are the planes that no Man knows

Where you open your mind’s eye
Where you can see the truth and the lies

Through symbols and signs you’ll know
You can learn where to be and how to go

Talk to angels and demons
Bend your mind beyond all rhyme or reason

Just remember to practice good housekeeping
Always clean up this plane between wake and sleeping

Everything that you create
Has got to be put back and straight

Else your visions can develop “mission creep”
From the clutter to your waking life they can leap

That’s when shit gets hazy
They lock your ass up and call you crazy

Doesn’t mean you’ll never be ecstatic
It’s a side-effect from feeling so fantastic

Just try keep your cool
Remember anyone can play the fool

Not everyone can understand
They just aren’t part of the plan

But, you might try running the plane with the Rabbit
Visions and trances can be a rewarding and interesting habit
For the traveler who can find it and hack it


25 Feb

Go ‘cause someone told you so
Go ‘cause it’s what you know
Go ‘cause it’s all you know
Go further


25 Feb


Drive to get somewhere
Drive to get away from there

Driving to control destiny
Driving to flee responsibility

Driven by poetic madness
Driven by melancholic sadness

Drive, deliberately seeking change
Drive, looking for places strange

Driving to avoid a church
Driving on some kind of search

Driven by inebriation
Driven by apocalyptic revelation


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