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A Tip

12 Dec

Shit, you want to bitch and whine?
Listen kid, I don’t have the time

Your future is yours, so make it
If you don’t like the world then break it

Don’t act the fool
Floating like a bobber in a pool

The country is under occupation
It has been years in anticipation

Times being as they may
People with something to say
Getting doused in pepper spray

Police trampling people’s rights
Rousting campers from their beds at night
People crushed beneath government’s might

There’s something about flies and honey
I don’t mention it now just be funny

Remember things aren’t always as they seem
But, some things may gotten with ease
If one knows The Way to practice peace

So, if you’re feeling like heading to war
I can’t really tell you what you’ve got in store

But, if want feel hip
Listen to this here tip

If you try, I think you’ll find
It doesn’t always hurt to be kind


12 Dec

Etched into the throne of the most high
Each new beginning shall have no goodbye


Upon the shores near which dynamite seethes
An impression of you in which Eternity Breathes

and the regard with which you embrace your common man
Would be obsolete if it were up To time to stand.

Whose to say what we’ve become
A race of trials over Bachelors of tribulation begun

Seed the wisdom of ferocious vision Unity Strength peace love