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Smokin’ Reds

03 Feb

Smokin’ Reds
And Hajji heads

Desert Heat
Ain’t it neat?

The smell of shit
Here in Satan’s armpit

I signed a contract
A mercenaries pact

I rock a fifty
The other Joe’s think I’m nifty

With the biggest gun
Popping, under Saddam’s sun

Smokin’ Reds
And Hajji heads

All day shit explodes
Like some obscene loads

Yeah, I love to watch them burn
Deep down, I can’t wait my turn

It’ll come, yes it’ll come
The wage each gunman earns

We each pay one another
See the Haj, he’s my brother

We give each other
Back down to the mother

Smokin’ Reds
And Hajji heads

Waiting my turn
For the wage a gunman earns