03 Nov

Lousypoet.org was started by a guy who lost a poetry contest in the Chico News & Review. This wasn’t the first contest the intrepid poet had lost. No, success had never been this fellow’s forte. But, armed with years of hard-won experiences of losing, and an iron fortitude built upon years of Ramen-eating and futon-sleeping, he knew that somehow he would work through the personal tragedy of losing a poetry contest in a free weekly.

With his chin out, in an attempt at good sportsmanship, he decided it best to read the poems that had won. When he read through the winning submissions in the Chico News & Review he noticed something. The paper said that they sorted through 800 submissions. Well, the poet, knowing he had been defeated, felt that surely among the few hundred other souls, also defeated, there must be some who would make good company. He decided right then and there to create lousypoet.org, as a place for all poets to come and publish their poetry, a place without a lot of rules or editorial policies.

The editor has one policy, “to be lenient, but arbitrary.” He says that means, he can’t think of something so offensive that it can’t be defended as artistic expression, but he’ll know it when he sees it. The web guy says he’ll spam anything that links back to a site selling Ugg boots or Viagra. We ask, of course that you be polite and constructive with your comments on other people’s poetry. Your comments are not artistic expression, we will post those if we like them.

Lousypoet.org is meant to be a useful tool for poets of all types, styles and experience levels. If you’ve written for years and you’d like to get some feedback on your work, or if you just had your first great poetic inspiration and you can’t wait to share it with the world, please come use this site, make it yours, get comfortable, and create.


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