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Pure Goddess

17 Sep

Pure Goddess
Black stiletto, fishnet hotness
Bitch slapped me upside the head when I met her
Gave me some flyers so I wouldn’t forget her
Said my ideas about war were a non-starter
Said I should stand for the oppressed, and fight for the water
A demon in black bein’ taught compassion by the devil’s daughter

Having fully embraced the life ironic
I took a swig of this bitch’s tonic
I listened to her lips
And watched her hips
Lead me back from astray
Lead me to a kinder way
To take and hold a city hall
To build a camp on the Capitol Mall
Adventures in kindness
Inspired by her highness

One part goddess of compassion
Two parts hotness for smashin’
Turns me into a noob
Scopin’ for sum side boob
A self-proclaimed badass
Reduced to a stuttering jackass
By the pure stripper
Jane the heart ripper
A divine paradox
Maned by dreded locks
Black stiletto, fishnet hotness
Pure Goddess