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Pure Goddess

17 Sep

Pure Goddess
Black stiletto, fishnet hotness
Bitch slapped me upside the head when I met her
Gave me some flyers so I wouldn’t forget her
Said my ideas about war were a non-starter
Said I should stand for the oppressed, and fight for the water
A demon in black bein’ taught compassion by the devil’s daughter

Having fully embraced the life ironic
I took a swig of this bitch’s tonic
I listened to her lips
And watched her hips
Lead me back from astray
Lead me to a kinder way
To take and hold a city hall
To build a camp on the Capitol Mall
Adventures in kindness
Inspired by her highness

One part goddess of compassion
Two parts hotness for smashin’
Turns me into a noob
Scopin’ for sum side boob
A self-proclaimed badass
Reduced to a stuttering jackass
By the pure stripper
Jane the heart ripper
A divine paradox
Maned by dreded locks
Black stiletto, fishnet hotness
Pure Goddess

Iron Rose

18 Mar

In the heart of the city grows
The heart of its citizens, the Iron Rose

Angry at the World’s problems
Angry at those who won’t help to solve them

Saving the weak
Standing for the meek

Nightly defying the police
Her commitment doesn’t cease

The crimson blood on her dark thorns
Dripping like the blood from the bulls horn

Beauty and strength
She holds at great lengths

Bringing Justice
For each and all of us

An Iron example of the modern heroine
The kind to lead us from the mess we’re in

To her, our love and support goes
To our champion the beautiful, Iron Rose


18 Mar

It’s cold and rainy up in this storm
The memory of her eyes is keeping me warm

Eyes burning like coals
Leaving beautiful scars across the soul

Scars like a holy vision
Of this lady Madonna slash lowly vixen

Who, with the grace and strength of a lioness
Brought me to my knees with her gentle caress

Now, out in this storm, cold and alone
My pain, my comfort, my memory of Simone

Mea Culpa

02 Mar

I did what I could
No worries of bad or good

To a few it was enough
To many it’s just confusing stuff

I preferred to ride in the front of the column
I would have done it everyday for all of them
(We were a good bunch of bums…)

I wasn’t trying to be heroic
Rather, trying to appear stoic

Like ole Socrates
Who died with a mea culpa plea

Run, Rabbit Run

25 Feb

Run, Rabbit run

His wheels are always spinning
Writing philosophical underpinning
For farcical lack of #winning

He blames Cowardice
For a life, never noticeably victorious
Ignoring his own arrogance and avarice

Run, Rabbit run

Runs from me, runs from you
Always thinks he’s runnin’ to something new

New sunrise
New horizon
Trying to leave his life forgotten

Run, Rabbit run

Where the Rabbit Goes

25 Feb

The Rabbit goes where none can follow
Holes so deep that lesser men are whole swallowed

Even mid-day, out in the open,
He’ll make an exit before his name can be spoken

Through the nights traveling below the conscious
He may be peeping on the dreams of each and or all of us

He will give you no magic cake
He offers no red nor blue pill to take

Look for doors and crossroads
Avoid: gurus, masters, or magic toads

In the space between wake and sleep
Just time it right and then left you’ll creep

You can fucking trip balls
Walk in a world without walls

This is where the Rabbit goes
These are the planes that no Man knows

Where you open your mind’s eye
Where you can see the truth and the lies

Through symbols and signs you’ll know
You can learn where to be and how to go

Talk to angels and demons
Bend your mind beyond all rhyme or reason

Just remember to practice good housekeeping
Always clean up this plane between wake and sleeping

Everything that you create
Has got to be put back and straight

Else your visions can develop “mission creep”
From the clutter to your waking life they can leap

That’s when shit gets hazy
They lock your ass up and call you crazy

Doesn’t mean you’ll never be ecstatic
It’s a side-effect from feeling so fantastic

Just try keep your cool
Remember anyone can play the fool

Not everyone can understand
They just aren’t part of the plan

But, you might try running the plane with the Rabbit
Visions and trances can be a rewarding and interesting habit
For the traveler who can find it and hack it


25 Feb

Go ‘cause someone told you so
Go ‘cause it’s what you know
Go ‘cause it’s all you know
Go further


25 Feb


Drive to get somewhere
Drive to get away from there

Driving to control destiny
Driving to flee responsibility

Driven by poetic madness
Driven by melancholic sadness

Drive, deliberately seeking change
Drive, looking for places strange

Driving to avoid a church
Driving on some kind of search

Driven by inebriation
Driven by apocalyptic revelation


I’m A Mess

30 Jan

To look at me you’d never guess
My brain is gone, I’m a mess

I walk around and look alive
Some days I even get in my van and drive

I got the cracks in the skull
I got my mind humming on NULL

The uncarved block?
Or simply dumb as a rock

This dreaded woman has gotten inside my head
She gives clues, yet I’m not getting her to bed

I feel like I’m two steps behind
Victim of my damaged and addled mind

I am trying so fucking hard act like a better person
Forget that sometimes it’s better to just be the dude with a hard-on

You can’t wait to be invited to dinner
If you want to be the dirtbag who gets up in ‘er

I’m not saying that to be a jerk
Long lessons have shown me how this works

Show only the least bit respect
Ignore her but treat her like an object

It’s not very pretty
But it’s won a few victories

Now this lil chick is a bit tricky
She’s destroying my mackin’ strategies

I don’t know my left from right
Don’t know the dark from the light

Can’t tell if I’m cursed or blessed
I just know that my damned mind is a mess


30 Jan

Replacing people
As though each were equal

I had friends and I had a wife
Somethings end but I go on with life

Finding all of these new places
Trading old memories for new faces

A little bit of it hurts
I don’t think I have anymore firsts

Me, old and jaded
My mind tired and faded

These new people in my life mid-tour
Some who may, simply, be flavor du jour

I love them as much or more
As everyone who came before

We end up where we need to be
Me with them and them with me

It lasts as long it needs to
Each paying the house its due

Learning from our interactions
Wounded or healed by our actions

It only makes sense
In the end life happens

Good, bad, or indifferent
These folks are the replacements