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13 Jan

“. ? .”
Lao Tsu talking shit again
Said opportunity awaits
At a particular place, seize the day
There Looking out a small high window
Four birds fly away over a rooftop
In front of barren trees
Voices chirping
The birds just left my skull
And took the brain
If I could think perhaps I
Would ascertain a
Migration to better ways
Won’t you return
Birds said nah
We don’t like the way your eyes flutter when
Our feathers roll
What is the opportunity?
Lao Tsu? Uh huh.
Eight birds soar They have no deliveries
Except air ‘neath their wings
Which is only nothing when
We cease to breathe
Lao Tsu Hear me plead
This is the opportunity?
Golden Wings Nemesis?
Is that it?
Beautiful Dao Fuck you


12 Dec

Etched into the throne of the most high
Each new beginning shall have no goodbye


Upon the shores near which dynamite seethes
An impression of you in which Eternity Breathes

and the regard with which you embrace your common man
Would be obsolete if it were up To time to stand.

Whose to say what we’ve become
A race of trials over Bachelors of tribulation begun

Seed the wisdom of ferocious vision Unity Strength peace love