An Acknowledgement

22 Jul

I’ve never known what I’m doin’
Someday it’s bound to bring my ruin

Nobody ever does
I guess it’s true of all of us

All I do is try
A little bit I’ll cry

If your heart’s on your shirt
This shit can fucking hurt

You know it’s true
You feel it too

I know you.

I’ve seen into your souls
I know your hope, your fears, and your goals

Whoever, wherever, WHENEVER you are
We all wear the same fucking scar!

Like a holy placental connection
When you need a Love injection

We have a lot in common
Besides a mutual love for Wars and Bombings

We have a common pain
As vital and life-giving as rain

It’s our connection to each other
Our connection to the Universal Mother

This is where we need to start
An acknowledgment that we each have a heart

An acknowledgement that we each have a part…

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