Holding My Soul

30 Aug

What to say about something that I don’t understand?
I have been raised with preconceptions of what it is to be a man

Now everything has been inverted
More even than my soul was perverted

She’s not on my mind
She’s fucking in my mind!

She’s holding my soul
She reached into my hole

I was hiding from love
Like a Goddess from above

Like a root Guru
Using some kinda Voodoo

Got me under a spell
Her methods I can’t tell

Like an empty jar fresh from a kiln
I didn’t know empty until I had been filled

She is in me now
That’s no metaphor to elicit a “wow”

Touching my every thought and memory
She’s actually cleaning me up like a cloth of emery

Smoothing out the welds
Helping the parts to meld

She’s seen every fear
Tasted every stale beer

Everything I’ve done
Every time I’ve won

Every time I quit
Every time I acted like a shit

Every sin
EVERY sin.
She whispers “Forgiven…”

This the ultimate trust
For me, for her, it is a must

This goes beyond time
Like dirty words in a rhyme

We are part of a one
Two spinning crows seeking eternal union

Energies working on mutual purification
For an eventual transmutation unification

We are here
We are now

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