Insane Ideas

30 Aug

I have always had a thousand good ideas a day
I thought everyone did, now I learn that this is not the way

Some folks think I’m crazy
Everyone seems to like to call me lazy

What they assume is mere sedation
Might be better described as meditation

Not to to toot my own horn
But I’ve been doing since I was born

I never asked anyone to do a fucking thing
Yet, they expect me to write a new song for them to sing

I don’t know what to do
This is why I never ask anything of you

I don’t know what you need from me
I know that I just want to be free

Free of this insanity
Free of these dregs of humanity

Nothing seems real
It’s all gotten quite surreal

When the fed who has, for some time, had you under surveil
Shows you the Sooby they got him because you are hard to tail

Oh, and just for fun
He winks when he tells you where he keeps the guns

I can never tell if it is a really a threat
Or if he is trying to tell me I haven’t got mine yet

You will hear me say this again and again
But I am abso–fucking–lutely insane…


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